VP Leni herself has not responded … The answer is…

VP Leni herself has not responded … The answer is… 

   Many personalities have given their opinions on whether VP Leni should say yes or no to the presidential appointment as co-chair of the Inter-Agency Committee on Anti-Illegal Drugs.

   Yesterday afternoon when Neri Colmenares was asked his opinion, he said “I do not give unsolicited advice…  etc”. i will do a Neri-Colmenares…

  ♥  ♥  ♥

    … it has been an overnight now. 

   She herself has not said anything.

    The answer to whether she should say yes or no is…  well, i do not give legal advice unless called up (phone call or email )  or unless sitting in a meeting where you were invited to sit  as lawyer so you can catch anything that constitutes a legal issue …

    Most lawyers practise this way.

    ♣  ♣  ♣

     Ok… it’s already near noon. This involves public interest …

     Here’s a hint of the advice… 

    It’s not a yes or no answer, Ma’am… (see constitutional law,  Administrative Code,  and basic principles and experience in running government offices) …

    Ok, it’s already 11:11am…

    Ok… Since this involves public interest,  here’s the gist of the advice: You’ll need hiring-and-firing powers, deployment powers (this is the calling-out power in constitutional law), and prosecutorial powers,  to be successful in this assignment (delegated na lang muna) . PD30 will probably not agree to a blanket delegation but can actually agree to implementing specific recommendations by saying “Ok, I will approve every recommendation you make, we will implement it by authority of the President… etc. “

    It’s not a yes or no answer.  The point is: Is it possible to “clinch a lifetime’s argument” ?

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