Posted at 7:28 pm March 2: Hostage-taker  and officially designated negotiator talking to each other is good (should be NO INTERVENTION  from the media or the public). Make sure the hostage-taker’s phone does not run out of charge or load. Do not cut off communication lines to each other. The media and the public should be aware of the KBP strict guidelines on reporting in hostage-taking situations (quoted here in the previous post) and heed all instructions from the PNP on what info to broadcast /post /  disseminate. It has been nine  hours since the hostage-taking started. So far, the PNP negotiator has proceeded correctly, at least as of this posting 7:28pm. The big news organizations such as ABS-CBN, GMA 7 News, ABC 5, Inquirer, are proceeding with correct caution and restraint. Rappler, not too much (sorry, guys, please  be more careful in releasing names and other details. Lives are more important than number of views : There are 31 lives hanging on the balance).

Image: File photo by blog admin 

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