The ABS-CBN transmitter can be used and operated by any currently existing franchise-holder on lease (check out the rules , it’s allowed) — it has to be a franchise-holder. 

    ABS-CBN can also bloctime (see previous post) .

     Don’t get distracted with outlandish proposals, don’t get overwhelmed by the 70 individuals: 75% of the population, based on the scientific survey of the SWS,  want ABS-CBN to be able to broadcast. People want to see ABS-CBN programs. Let’s solve the problem.

(previous post embedded below) ABS-CBN and all news media organizations have the duty under the code of ethics to exhaust all avenues to work for access to information. Under the law, any media producer/practitioner can blocktime: Blocktiming (contracts to buy and use airtime) is governed by the Civil Code, the RTC has jurisdiction; on the manner of practice, the KBP has “regulatory supervision” over member-blocktimers 

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