Postscript (and thanks to the freshmen who openly expressed their concerns)

      Postscript to the pre-enlistment advising of freshmen advisees last Aug. 13
( see Aug. 13 post here at  )

Last month, during the pre-enlistment advising of freshmen, and with permission from the advisees, this site anonymously published the concern of one of the freshmen-advisees that in their checklist, the academic load stated is 18 units (originally intended for a regular face-to-face semester or in-person classes) whereas this semester they are undergoing online classes.

     Today it was stated in the notices that the regular load this semester of online classes now is 12 units (in ordinary times, the regular load is 15 units; now, in view of the nature of online classes, it is 12 units ); a student may opt to overload, i.e., any load in excess of 12 units is considered an “overload” for this semester’s online classes, i.e., allowed and categorized as overload.

(file photo from the archives)

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