ABS-CBN Teleradyo anchors, analytical Ricky Rosales and witty Cory Quintos, press urgent questions on the MTRCB plan to regulate Netflix, iWantTV, other video streaming apps (embedded video below, scroll down)

           Live interview by Teleradyo “On the Spot” news program on ABS-CBN cable yesterday morning Sept. 4, 2020

         Many thanks for the sponsors of these timely, relevant news interviews. (very appreciative that all news interviews of blog admin have sponsors. This helps the workers involved in the production). The advertising spots in the middle or before the last two minutes of this interview are: Tide Perfect Clean and Tribute to Frontliners by Unilab. The ads you will see might vary : Marami pong salamat.

         (apologies for not having enough time to hair-dry and no-salon-visit for six months. Also, my internet connection, a 5G LTE, starts to lag during the discussion on getting a court order as required for surveillance of an individual’s online surfing activity …
In that portion, the internet buffering makes it sound like a form of somnambulation, sorry powz.).

       Many thanks, Myraleigh ♥and Jane Leah ♥: L’ O_ _ _ _ Paris Color La Palette nude eyeshadow c/o of Myra (she bought it so we don’t have to say the brand name) and the delicate multicolor crystal bracelet handmade by Philippine SME artisans,  c/o Jane. Many thanks to students, colleagues, journalists, law professors, friends, who inspire us when discussing the nature of cyberspace through the years which blog admin often described in lectures as “infinite, if you can imagine what infinity looks like…”




(Credits: as stated in the video)

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