(Updated) First posted at 12:51pm: Today’s Leni Robredo TV ad : Ang Galing. Good job. Substantive, detailed, dynamic.

(Updated) First posted at 12:51pm: Today’s Leni Robredo TV ad: Ang galing. Good job. In terms of content: Substantive, detailed, dynamic.

In terms of production: Concept, direction, and technical aspects are excellent:

Windows are open, you can see the morning light outside with greenery, the sunlight streaming into the room through the open windows is consistent with the lighting of the other interspersed cuts, the daylight in those shots match the one in the main frame. The overall effect conveys hope (when you’re teaching “the medium is the message”, this is it). And the shots are informative — they’re from other parts of the country showing her track record of performance as public official: Exquisite.

Look at the color of the main frame: a “maximum of three dominant colors”. Cool. (it’s an intelligent team).

The dressmakers and tailors with the VP are genuine, you can tell by the way they work with their hands and the way they skillfully turn the cloth around on the board of the sewing machine : Real workers, nothing fake here. Very authentic.

Tracking shot following her walk on three-fourths angle: Perfect. Husay. Editing is lilting and fast-paced.

The director and production team (lighting, camera work, etc) were also able to bring out the fire in her eyes, they’re like live coals , she has that, the director and prod team saw it. Maganda. And, of course, the subject has charisma and the track record to show for her program of action.

Very good work, everyone! Let me send my warmest regards to the VP and the hardworking and competent staff.

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