Ashtanga Yoga for everyone. This pose is dedicated to God (i tried my best to look good) for my thank you for last Oct. 4. Video shot by Marco Paolo Z. Lambino on a hot Sunday afternoon today

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Video credits: Videographer: Marco Paolo Z. Lambino.  The kid made me execute it three times. Anyway.

     I think something is wrong with the second pose, the second photo. It’s called the “Up Dog pose”. I think mine is too high, i’ve seen photos of other people on this pose and it doesn’t look like this, it’s low, i think the reason my “Up Dog pose” is too high is that i  cannot fold my ankles. I cannot fold my ankles for the reasons stated in a previous post,  in my ankle 2. Long Story. Ashtanga Yoga for the Evolved. (& why Bea Alonzo slipped & fell on the catwalk)  , i have a bum ankle (repeatedly sprained years ago), i can’t open them to a wide angle maybe that’s why my up dog is too high.

           It’s good to document, it’s like that classic movie “The Fly”,  where the main character was, cell by cell, turning into a giant fly, (good production design), and he documented himself while he was turning into a fly;  i imagine if i don’t  die earlier and live to be 70 i won’t be able to do any of these and i’ll be hobbling and crawling with a cane or a walker; i’d rather use a big, wooden cane though made from the branch of a tree. I’m talking gibberish, i’ll be back in a bit.

       My jumpback in this basic sun salutation pose is not  a real jumback; it’s like a running movement, didya see it? It doesn’t look like a jump, it looks like a run. A full jumpback is where both feet jump back at the same time. (Warning: do not execute without the assistance of an accredited Ashtanga yoga teacher.) That’s because i am afraid to do the full jumpback because i imagine i would land on my chin and crash. Although my mind is telling me that is not likely because i have arms. And my arms are planted on the ground at the moment of impact. Therefore, my chin will not reach the ground. Because i have arms. But i imagine that if my elbows folded, i would hit my chin. Although my mind is telling me that even if my elbows folded, my upper arm will still stand in the way between the ground and my chin. Still, i don’t do the full jumpback because my version of it has a soft, soundless landing, my feet don’t make a sound. I like soft landings. I’m talking gibberish. i’ll be back in a bit, don’t go away, i will post the outtakes. Okay, you can go away and get some dinner, but you can visit this post again for the outtakes.


       Okay, no outtakes here, soweee. These poses are dedicated to God (see title), i tried my best to look good.  I will post the outtakes in a separate post tomorrow, okay?