Badji & Rommel : Documentary by Joseph Conrad Rubio & Ian Carlos Simbulan, GMA News & Public Affairs

        Badji & Rommel :

          A documentary

produced by Joseph Conrad Rubio

         &     Ian Carlos Simbulan,

GMA News & Public Affairs

Photos below and similar ones were posted months earlier by Maria Kabs and other netizens on Facebook, which became viral.


Lester Babiera of Coconuts Manila produced a short video of Rommel and Badji which was posted by ABS-CBN online News (see video below). Three months after that, the journalists and documentarians at GMA News and Public Affairs spent time with Rommel Quiminales and Badji and were able to elicit and uncover the full story, producing the documentary above which went on to become a finalist in the UNICEF worldwide documentary competition. Below is an earlier short video intro produced by Lester Babiera: