#atm 5:57am #GoodMorning 🐣 From the southwest window

at the moment


From the southwest window

Good morning!

And here’s the shot at 8am today (see photo below) (breakfast was two egg-muffins, raw leaves (salad, no dressing) , and coffee-choco, the egg muffin was only P80 (80 pesos), not expensive. Before that, REM (rapid eye movement or dream)  was full and uninterrupted : It was on a windy mountaintop, on a cliff, at the opening of a house-like cave, black and white, the sky was pure white, people were standing  at the mouth of the cave wearing flowing, floating feathery  gossamer chiffon-georgette transluscent  fluttering black capes, the transluscent capes were floating in the air because of the wind, everyone was looking at the brilliant white sky waiting, no dialog, just the howling wind, no one was looking at me, the subject was the white sky, the wind ripping up the capes etc, continuous, continuous … Finished.

     Go psychoanalyze the dream 💃🐶🐯 hahaha at least, it was a full REM, right? i didn’t wake up before finishing.

     you want your REMs finished. i’m off to work-from-home, need to finish sumthin’. Good morning🐣!

(if i have time later in the day, i will search in Google images an equivalent of the scene so you can see it and analyze it).

     (geez…who does that, who searches in google images an equivalent of their REM scene)

#atthemoment “Forested area” 🌱🍀🌿Home to a million singing crickets 🐞🐜 View from kitchen window: #Goodmorning !

at the moment, shot 5 minutes ago:

“Forested area” 🌱🍀🌿

Home to a million singing crickets 🐜🐝🐞

View from the kitchen window:     Good morning !

Video credits: As stated in the vid