8am today casual runners stand still as #UPDiliman Carillon plays Natl Anthem: Lodi!

(On mobile device: click "Listen in browser" on the soundcloud pod below) android-shot at 8:00 am today at the academic oval... Casual runners and promenaders at the academic oval slowly stopped on their tracks --- there was a slow pealing of the bells, they were playing our song. The Carillon -- that's the iconic belfry [...]


#atm it’s 9:22 am July 11 here, coffee Jack in the Box

at the moment, it's 9:22 am July 11, 2017, here in the Valley ... coffee at Jack in the Box diner or fastfood:  policemen and firemen have breakfast here because it's convenient, they have their breakfast in two minutes then leave, it's at a busy intersection by the roadside with a big parking lot right [...]

#atthemoment #GoodMorning #LuckyColor for today Apr 8 2016 for each #sign here

The lucky color of the day for today April 8, 2016 for each birth sign, according to the morning show geomancer,  is: Rat -- Orange Ox--  Violet Tiger -- Blue  Rabbit -- Green Dragon -- Red Snake -- Orange Horse -- Yellow Sheep -- Pink Monkey -- Yellow Rooster -- White Dog -- Blue Pig [...]

#atthemoment #GoodMorning #LuckyColor for today Apr4, 2016 for each sign is here at…

The lucky color of the day for today April 4, 2016 for each birth sign according to the morning show is: Rat ⇒ Violet Ox ⇒ Blue Tiger ⇒ Orange Rabbit ⇒ Peach Dragon ⇒ Red Snake ⇒ Green Horse ⇒ Peach Sheep ⇒ Yellow Monkey ⇒ Blue Rooster ⇒ Pink Dog ⇒ Brown Pig ⇒ Green Good morning everyone!