M230 Third Issue due Sept. 19, with a Heads-up for the 4th Issue separate window due Sept. 26

Media 230 Grad Sch 3rd Issue, with a heads-up for the 4th Issue
        Third Issue: The regular exercise based on the syllabus is moved next week in view of the earthquake. Class members may however earn points based on the following post: 

     Legal standards, principles of ethics, effectiveness of communication: Emergency Disaster (Earthquake Sept. 13) Alert System
      Based on your personal experience of Sept. 13, 2019 (describe your personal experience): Evaluate the emergency disaster alert system and communication process either region-wide or city-wide or district-wide/barangay-wide (campus-wide) during said event and provide recommendations. (at least 100 words, 10 pts, no points will be earned if there are no recommendations). Deadline Thursday Sept. 19, 2019 at 5pm
       Heads-up for the Fourth Issue Deadline Sept. 26, 2019 at 5pm (a new window will be opened for this on Sept. 21, 2019,  the posts should not appear here)
        Week-long Commemorative Activities Sept. 16-20, 2019
State of the Media during Martial Law/ the Dictatorship 1972-1985: Based on your participation in any event of the week-long commemorative activities Sept. 16-20, content-analyze the presentation in said event (any relevant event from Sept. 16-20) with emphasis on the state of media ownership and management during said period or the relationship between the media and the state depicted in the presentation (100 words/10 sentences minimum for ten points, for submission thru the Sept. 21, 2019 window, deadline Sept. 26, 2019)

      Bonus: Submit a selfie/groupfie of your activity of Sept. 20, 2019 5pm-7pm/8pm either by posting the selfie/groupfie in the comments section of the window or as it appears in any post (as a tweet, Instagram pic, FB post, Tumblr, YouTube, WordPress, or any news site , or Google docs that does not require a password, etc (paste the link where the photo appears with a description of where you are in the photo, i.e, third from left, etc). (for submission thru the Sept. 21, 2019 window, deadline Sept. 26, 2019)

M230 Grad School. 2nd Issue from empirical data personally documented

M230 Graduate School 2nd Issue from empirical anecdotal data personally documented

The second issue is based on the data discussed in the last meeting and will also test the ability of class members to gather their own empirical data. Due to the shortness of the time allocated for this post, the data gathered is only anecdotal and cannot be considered conclusive of the information collected.

     For the post on this site: DO NOT DISCLOSE THE NAME, LOCATION, AND OTHER PERSONAL INFO OF THE INFORMANT. But please include their age, gender, and educational attainment.
For the full points, the class member should be prepared to give a critical discussion of the data in class next meeting. In order to authenticate the work, a piece of paper will be routed where the class member will be asked to write down, confidentially, the names or respondents, etc. — which will be all kept confidential.
Instructions: Please randomly survey (face-to-face or digitally/ electronically/ by text or email etc) at least five individuals outside of your immediate family members (random: different ages/ gender/ educational attainment/ occupation) on the following:
“Upon waking up in the morning, what communication/media device do you open first? (Sa paggising sa umaga, anong kagamitan o device ang unang-una nilang binubuksan? )”
c.Mobile phone
d.Mobile tablet
g.Others (pls specify)

     The class member may also generate anecdotal data as bonus, as follows: For the bonus, please randomly (random: different ages/ gender/ educational attainment/ occupation) survey (face-to-face or digitally/ electronically/ by text or email etc) at least five individuals outside of your immediate family members for info on the following:
Bonus: Have they ever flagged, or reported as inappropriate, or restrained or corrected a netizen in a comment, any post that they thought was abusive? (Sa internet, nakapagsenyal na ba kayo ng anumang komento na abusado, o nai-report ito bilang di kanais-nais, o iniwasto ito o pinigilan sa pamamagitan ng sariling komento?)
a.Yes, one time/ ____ times
c.Others (pls specify)
A class member may submit both a regular post and a bonus for extra points or may submit just one with deadline next week on Thursday 5pm September 12, 2019. Any post submitted after 5pm of Sept. 12 is considered a “forfeit”, or for zero points.
Happy discovering!