image (Updated)… to be here, alive….. (pixel updated, following the good example of ABS-CBN News on this news story)


 (Update: Following the good example of ABS-CBN News which pixelized the entire body of the fatalities, i increased the pixelized space here to half-body without subtracting too much information from the photos. The general rule is that the face of a dead person should not be zoomed in; if it is shown, the shot of the entire body should be a long shot; or only the feet of the dead person can be zoomed in; so i thought my original pixels were sufficient. In CNN, an international news organization, dead bodies are not shown at all, including those of the big floods)

       I was going to the bank at 1pm today to transfer an account because someone had put money in there  when it should have been in another account, then i saw the gas meter and it was running low, the distance to the bank was the same as that to the gas station and i debated with myself whether to go there first then the gas station but since i had other errands after the bank, i thought it was more efficient to go to the gas station first, at about that moment that i made the turn to go to the gas station, there was, according to eyewitness accounts, at a little past 1pm,  a shoot- out at that bank, Veterans’ Bank U.P. Branch, three security guards were shot dead, i arrived there 30 minutes later and here are the photos i took: (i  exercised restraint and pixelized some of them because they were too grisly):


      Pixelizing updated. (if still too grisly and i receive complaints i can filter the tone  to make it black and white.)


I usually get gasoline  before the weekend because  gas prices hiked in the past  over the weekend. I’m usually not empty Mondays. I wasn’t able to fill up gasoline last Saturday because i had an unplanned,  impulsive lunch with Joji and Tina last Saturday that lasted until 3pm because of Tina’s stories about China, and other places,  i got sleepy and   didn’t go out anymore and  too lazy to drive to


the gas station. And that’s why my gas meter was low this Monday,  i made that turn  away from the bank  at 1pm today, i’m  alive this afternoon.  


 (it’s a dangerous country to live in). (to be continued: my notes on the crime scene and the bank robbery and more photos)




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  1. grabe…sa may chocolate kiss yan di ba…ganun ba talaga yun—i saw your earlier fotos before you “pixelated” them now….you mentioned 30 minutes na yun…and people were just milling around the dead sekyus—ano ba yan. 30 minutes!!!!!! tagal naman ng investigators…parang nakatiwangwang pa sila doon, hindi man lang tinakpan? oh well. life in da pilipinas…..tindi ng pakiramdam seeing your fotos…the same place you hang out all the time with your friends is also where your brains could just get blown off (literally) 😦

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