Unedited, raw footage, police station, with criminal suspects (2nd set)

Working the police station, unedited, raw, no cuts (no cut-to-cut), no establishing shots, no transitions, no dissolve, no fade-in fade out, no graphics, no captions, no music: just “Life in a Day” July 24, 2010, one-and-half minutes of raw footage of two hours with criminal suspects, cops, Kamuning Police Station, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Journalism 101 students, produced by blog admin.

It’s really just a jagged clip. Since we were at the police station, i said i might as well shoot a one-minuter, and used the video cam function of my digicam (the camera is not feature-film quality, i know, but it was what was in my pocket when i impulsively filmed where i was standing, what the heck).

Happy viewing!

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