Watch Showbiz Inside Report ABS-CBN Ch.2 today Saturday 2:30pm!

 (credits: freeze-frames of a video shot by R. Interview  set-up by “Showbiz Inside Report” ABS-CBN Channel 2. Sheath dress from Khrysta’s Collezion, of course) 

Snaking on the corridor were arm-thick power cables, connecting  three long indoor shooting lights, a two-camera set-up, two director’s monitors, coming out of three to  four steel-lined leather crates, all being set up by a 12-man crew, with a real director pointing at shots on the monitors –  this is the biggest crew  that has set up a segment here.  It was a professional, clock-work production — they wrote  in advance to ask for an interview,   got here  early,  finished their establishing shots and outdoor spiels on the grounds when I got in, and started setting up indoors.

      It’s a new show!

    A production of the show “Showbiz Inside Report” of ABS-CBN Channel 2 (free tv) is in town on the topic: cyberbullying/ celebrity twitter wars/ cybercrimes. Watch the show today, Saturday, at 2:30pm-3:30pm on Channel 2 after “Showtime”.  The show premiered on Feb. 4 giving viewer the “unreported” side of stories.

One of the hosts of the show himself, Joey Marquez did the interview – he backgrounded and “pre-prod’ed” me  (pre-production question-&-answer), had research data and reports in his head. I asked why it was a big production and he said it was a new tv format that’s more investigative than the rest .  He was prepared and,  throughout the interview itself,  was serious  when we talked about the crimes —   throwing questions, listening intently, then  following up. He lightened up in the tailend of the interview when we started talking about Facebook! And charming to the admin staff off cam.

     Watch it this afternoon 2:30pm Channel 2!



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