Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

                            Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

My post  for the “Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth” is this photo shot by my sister, Myraleigh C. Lambino, of a starfish in Tondol Beach, Pangasinan, Philippines, when she and her colleagues, a team of doctors and nurses based in Los Angeles under the auspices of the Philippine Minnesotan Medical Association, held a medical mission in Central Philippines where they performed 60 plastic surgery cases, 28 ENT surgeries and 28 OB-gyne surgeries, multiple minor surgeries and dental procedures and saw hundreds of patients, mostly indigents. I chose the photo of a starfish for the theme “Growth”,  maybe because I was being literal: a starfish can grow or re-grow and regenerate an entire lost arm including bones, flesh, muscle, skin, while some species can re-grow the rest of their bodies from a single remaining arm . If you could re-grow and regenerate lost organs and body parts, you’ll never have to see a doctor or need medicine. It’s like entering the phase of immortality, except that the starfish has a lifespan of 10 to 34 years. But who wants to be immortal when the thrill is about finding as much meaning,  and helping as many people, within the limited time you have?  So… perhaps i wasn’t being literal…. And that’s the starfish.

xxx       xxx      xxx      xxx      xxx      xxx      xxx      xxx 

 (hindi ko lang alam kung dapat… shot within that week, eh pa’no naman araw-araw umuulan dito sa Pilipinas.  Walong araw nang umuulan, going on it’s ninth day in a few hours — siyam-siyam. Madilim  at blurry ang shots  ko pag ganuon…  unless you have a half a dozen kleig lights and a dozen staffmembers holding up big, wide umbrellas. Pero yung karamihan naman ng posts kung titingnan mo dated sila……………


comments are welcome anytime EXCEPT those with more than 12 links or 12 URLs pasted. Tnx)

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