Today is a day of heroes

Today is a day of heroes: Happy National Heroes Day (Aug. 27, 2012)!

This is dedicated 

to those who never hesitated

to put their constituents’ interests

always ahead of theirs

xxx     xxx    xxx

(geez, why am i rhyming today…? stop!… apologies.)

xxx        xxx         xxx

          Pag-ibig sa Tinubuang Lupa ni Andres Bonifacio (Love for the Motherland by Andres Bonifacio). Translation series – this is a continuation of the translation series in this blog. i’ve translated four out of the six popularized stanzas of the national hero’s poem; this is the fifth; five out of six. He has a dozen stanzas. i started translating it when Ka Bel died (KMU President and partylist representative Crispin Beltran, in 2008), two stanzas only (not easy to translate, sowee). Then, translated another stanza in last year’s Andres Bonifacio day post. That’s five stanzas in four years — bilis-bilisan mo naman ano! ( pick up the pace, gosh!) Be patient — i translate only on national heroes day or when we lose a great Filipino and human being.  


Translation of the second stanza of “Pag-ibig sa Tinubuang Lupa by blog admin, with apologies…

But first, a literal, word-for-word  translation!  Here it is:

Walang mahalagang hindi inihandog — “walang mahalaga” is:  nothing important; “hindi inihandog” is not offered. This line literally translates into: There is nothing important that is not offered.Ng may pusong wagas sa bayang nagkupkop“— “ng may pusong wagas” translates literally into: of a pure heart or of someone with a pure heart; “sa bayang nagkupkop” is: to the country who adopted you”;  the line literally translates into: of a pure heart to the country who adopted you. “Dugo, yaman, dunong, katiisa’t pagod”  quite literally translates into: Blood, wealth, talent, sacrifice and tiredness (or hardship). “Buhay ma’y abuting magkalagot-lagot” – “Buhay ma’y abutin or “buhay man ay abutin literally translates into: “Even if life is reached by”;  while magkalagot-lagot” is to be snapped off,  or broken in a series, or repeatedly;  while “malagutan ng hininga or to be snapped off of one’s breath, means to die. So, the literally translation of the entire stanza is:

 There is nothing important that is not offered. Of a pure heart to the country who adopted you. Blood, wealth, talent, sacrifice, and tiredness (or hardship). Even if life is reached and snapped off over and over.

       Blog admin’s translation below (tried my very best, sorry in advance; i’m not a professional translator or linguist) —  second stanza, with apologies:

Walang mahalagang hindi inihandog

“Ng may pusong wagas sa bayang nagkupkop.

“Dugo, yaman, dunong, katiisa’t pagod:

“Buhay ma’y abuting magkalagot-lagot….

 no sacrifice is  too small or too important

no  heart  too pure for the motherland

every ounce of blood, wealth,  toil and sweat

every end will be met though life is tested by threat.

xxx            xxx         xxx         xxxx

Happy National Heroes Day!

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