Myra: house where Matt Damon Ben Affleck wrote Good Will Hunting, Hollywood Film Awards, Barack Obama in college.

Email and photos from Myra:“Just read your blog. want to share this. Teng showed me this house for sale in their neighborhood  in E____ ____, Los Angeles last July 2011. Advertised as “Good Will Hunting House” about $900,000. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon rented and lived in this house where Good Will Hunting was written.

(photo by Myra Lambino from her cellphone)

“1923 Medieval Storybook Fantasy house with panoramic views of Los Angeles. Couldn’t help but take pictures from my cellphone.”

(photo by Myra Lambino from her cellphone)

My reply:“Hahaha! quaint Hollywood houses – parang Gothic ang dating! (looks Gothic to me!) Look at the twisted and uneven architecture – it’s like being inside  a Van Gogh painting! Natuwa siguro sila  they used up the creativity of the architect to finish  the script! They didn’t just go to a hotel like many scriptwriters and songwriters  do – they found a stonehouse that looked like it had spirits in it. In an interview, Matt Damon said that in his scriptwriting class in Harvard, he submitted 40 pages of a play to his scriptwriting professor, and got an “A” at the end of the sem; his prof took him aside and told him: “There’s something in this, finish it.” He couldn’t write some more so he went to see his childhood friend Ben Affleck who was then in L.A. Ben Affleck wrote 200 pages more of it. Parang may prayle nakatira sa bahay na ito (This house looks like there’s a Spanish friar living in it) o kaya parang lalabas si Quasimodo to serve you dinner (or like — Quasimodo, the hunchback of Notre Dame, would come out any minute to serve you dinner.) Inspirational!”

(photos by Myra Lambino from her cellphone)

Myra’s reply: “Hahaha its a creepy charming house. pagpasok ko nga,(when I got inside the house,) I felt like — baka may witch dito lumabas (i felt like a witch might come out here) i- bake  kaming cookies!(and bake us cookies!) just to add, during Ben Affleck’s stay in this house he was enrolled in Occidental College, here is Los Angeles ( which is in the same neighborhood E____ ____, LA where Teng lives). President Obama was also enrolled in Occidental College here before. People get their minor subjects or prerequisites in this college ( low tuition fee) then transfer to the Universities.”

   And that’s the Quasimodo house where it all started.

Update, 2012: The Hollywood Film Awards honors the cast of the Ben Affleck-directed film Argo with the “Hollywood Ensemble Acting Award”; Matt Damon gets Oscar buzz for Promised Land.  


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