Likha resto tom: Buffet, birth anniversary, revolutionary leader

Likha Diwa (the creative spirit, my translation, see Likha Diwa ,with apologies) vegetarian restaurant invites you to a celebration tomorrow of the birth anniversary of national hero Andres Bonifacio.

    [Note for the worldwide audience: Andres Bonifacio is the founder of the revolutionary movement against the Spanish colonizers, the Katipunan (the League), also known as the Kataastaasan (Supreme), Kagalanggalangan  (Honorable) Katipunan  ng mga Anak ng Bayan (League of the Sons and Daughters of the People) (KKK).]

     [Coincidentally, LikhaDiwa, is partly located in Krus na Ligas, an  area said to be one of the secret meeting places of the Katipunan  a century ago. It is said that there’s  an ancient acacia tree there (or there once stood an ancient acacia tree there) where the Katipuneros regrouped after a battle with Spaniard colonial soldiers, and conspired and organized against the Spanish colonizers.]

    [When i was legal counsel of U.P., it was pointed out to me that the land area used to be under the title of U.P. but after decades of negotiations, the U.P. administration decided to grant it (by a deed of sale for one peso) to the proven long-time residents who have been rooted there  longer than U.P. has, based on historical records and accounts; and also to honor the historical contribution of the long-time residents or their grandparents to the Philippine revolution.]

Here’s the text-invite:

    KKK: Kainan Kantahan Kasiyahan (healthy eating, hearty singing, revolutionary merrymaking, translation by blog admin with apologies) bukas nang Friday (tomorrow Friday) 6pm to 9pm Likha Diwa. Musika ni Diwa de Leon, atbp (Music by Diwa de Leon and other artistst). Buffet P200/person. Pls call 9255522 or text 0917- 532-0929. Tnx!


Happy National Heroes Day!

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