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Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss


“Come o’er the eastern hills, and let our winds
 Kiss thy perfumed garments; let us taste
 Thy morn and evening breath; scatter thy pearls
 Upon our love-sick land that mourns for thee …”

                                      -William Blake

Photo by Myra Lambino

Thank you also — to WordPress users and “likers” (pls click their avatars and public profiles below): sneakpeek2013 of Pakistan; harryalston of the United Kingdom; J J Gonzalez of the United States ; amateurairplanes of the United States ; Les Petits Pas de Juls of Mexico; Leanne Cole of Australia; yarnwuseleien of Germany; Esenga’s Voice of Latvia; Alexey Markovich of the Russian Federation; jackchaser of Canada; Ella Rychlewski of the United Kingdom; My Life Afterglow of the Philippines; Stephanie of the United States; taethne of U.S.; kz of the Philippines; advocacine of the Philippines;  Hamburg und Mee(h)r of Germany;4rozebds of the United States;  Vladimir Brezina of the United States; ailsapm of U.S.; Bams Triwoko of Indonesia; Cee Neuner of U.S.; Madelaine of U.S.; mrscarmichael of the United Kingdom; Hardik Gohil of India …


and here’s the sample and description from WordPress for this photo challenge at Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss


Kiss. There are a lot of ways to capture a kiss, between two people – lovers, family, friends; two animals, or even just the sending or receiving of a kiss. I captured this kiss between two storks in Morocco. I felt lucky to have captured this moment.”  (text and WordPress photo by Sara Rosso)


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