8 stories Sabah firefight: fatalities range from 0 to 1, 2, 3, to 4 to 10

4:40 pm update: i have eight  stories on the Sabah firefight, eight versions, eight points of view: The number of fatalities range from zero to one, two , three, to four to ten; the accounts even more varied; plus two backgrounder articles.

Maybe that’s the advantage of the news aggregator: all the versions of the story can be collected in one page and all possible points of view of the event are available in one place — it’s like a fish-eye lens that creates a panoramic view. Here it is, pls click link: 8 versions Sabah firefightMarch1, 13 What’s Trending marichulambino

comments are welcome anytime (the spam-catcher holds posts with many links though)

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