4pm news: cold bodies, warm detainees, fleeing evacuees, warriors on the watch: Filipinos in Sabah

Here’s the 4p edition of the news site:

•Cold bodies,

•warm detainees,

•fleeing evacuees,

•warriors on the watch:

 — Filipinos in Sabah:

From thestar.com  :  “22 more bodies of militants removed from Kampung Tanduo”

   “Security forces have removed 22 more bodies of Sulu militants from Kampung Tanjung Batu and Semporna, and recorded another… shot dead, Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Hamza Taib said Monday.

“The bodies were sent to the Tawau Hospital and Lahad Datu Hospital for forensic investigations and post mortem, he added.

      “…death toll among the Sulu intruders to 54.xxx This brings the number of injured personnel to five.

“xxx Comm Hamza also said six more people have been detained for suspected links xxx bringing the total to 97 detained under Second 130(C) of the Security Offences and Special Measures Act 2012.

“Another 125 people have also been detained for trying to enter areas where operations were being conducted.


And another story, the bittersweet firsthand account of a Malaysian photographer who saw an armed combatant for the first time in her 17-year career as photojournalist in Malaysia – it should have been set to musical arrangement by Hans Zimmer:

From thestar.com  Normimie Diun, photographer “The armed gunman was watching us”:

(where are my violins — i need some strings here..and…cue music please, decrescendo) 

: “In my 17 years with The Star as a photographer, this is the first time I had come face-to-face with a gunman in a battle zone.”

“As we passed Kampung Labian, I saw a shadow of a man squatting among oil palm trees on the left side of the road, about 10m from our car. I said that I had seen a man.

“Serieffa (Mushtafa Al Bakry, the Al-Hijrah television news journalist) who was driving the car said he too saw the man holding a gun.

“I looked again at the man and noticed that he was holding a gun that looked like an M-16. He was dressed in black and looked like he was in his 50s.

“I saw that he was staring at us. He looked like a typical villager but he was holding a gun.

“My companions wanted to shoot the armed man (with their cameras). I shouted to them: ‘Don’t!’ I also told them to keep down and put away their cameras.

“My immediate thought was that he could mistake our equipment as weapons and fire at us.

“In the car we kept saying ‘Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar’ (God is great, God is great) as Serieffa slammed the accelerator and sped off at 120kph.”


And other stories:

“No tunnels found in KgTanduo” (thestar.com);

“Navy fetching 400 more Sabah evacuees” (interaksyon.com);

“Raja muda escapes arrest in Sabah” (rappler.com);

“Filipinos flee Sabah for fear of reprisal” (YahooPh);

“Sulu sultan’s brother meets DILG’s Roxas” (interaksyon.com)

     And the following stories are presented to you by MaribuBot, the robot news aggregator:

2 Mgraphlogo.March9

•“Malaysia rescues 136 Myanman refugees” (Inquirer);

“Japan fails to fulfil tsunami aid pledges” (Al Jazeera);

“Chavez heir faces challenges in relations with military” (NY Times)…

    ♥  Photos from Marie Claire…

    • “Iran archetypes of  Iranian internet use”  (Global Voices);

“13 overly honest methods researchers admit they use” (Readers Digest);

“S’pore & Brunei navies conduct bilateral exercise” (ChNewsAsia);  

“New Delhi, Citizens seek tougher laws against rape” (Al Jazeera)….

   ♥  “Ina Garten’s double layer chocolate cake” (Yahoo Shine);

“13 non-toxic cleaners for your kitchen” (Readers Digest)…

   And more stories on the environment, the arts, education. Read more at: 

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