UP student scores use of news as promo for telenovela: My Husband’s Lover GMA 7

GMA News on “My Husband’s Lover”  written  by Nikki
“GMA’s new telenovela, My Husband’s Lover, made a buzz upon its airing. This is because of its unusual plot given the situation here in the Philippines [Philippines is known as a Catholic Country]. Despite being a Catholic country, Philippines has been reported to be one of the most gay-friendly countries.
“It has been reported that it have been accepted by great number of Filipinos, specially the LGBT community. That the “TomDen” [Tom Rodriguez and Denise Trillo] love team made the Pinoys feel kilig. The telenovela praises was of coursed reported by the same TV station where it airs. This is not a question of gender equality but of objectivity in news reporting.
“I have nothing against the LGBT community, I have frie\ds who are gays, bisexuals and lesbians. But the bias in reporting has been clear, they would not air negative reports against it. They always promote the aforementioned telenovela in their news programs like Unang Hirit and 24 Oras. I can’t help but wonder… Are they constantly praising this telenovela, interviewing people who likes it to cover the negative reactions toward it? The Church has given its opinion on this show, other media entities have reported this or written about but GMA [of course] did not cover it. There are also negative reactions on blogs, in the internet… but are not emphasized. GMA’s biased coverage of this telenovela have therefore been successful.” Posted by NikkiXxxx

One thought on “UP student scores use of news as promo for telenovela: My Husband’s Lover GMA 7

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