Mountains of thanks to WordPressers of various climes and times




“Of captive summits



“Of mountains, of clear skies


 Devoured by untamed evergreens


 And of trees that know


 The welcome of lakes


 Black earth


 Errant pathways


 Echoes of the faces


 Haunting our days.”   -Andrée Chedid


Mountains of thanks to WordPress “likers” and “linkers” of various climes and times (pls click their avatars and public profiles embedded at the end of the previous post below): Vladimir Brezina in New York City, Green Cathedral of South Africa in Cape Town,  Paul F. Lenzi in New Hampshire, The Wandering Youth in Colonie, mintedmoose in  London, Hello, Fig in Milton Keynes, Iñigo Boy in Dubai, the eternal traveller in  Brisbane, sustainabilitea in Naperville, Suzanne in Melbourne, Nature on the Edge in  Sapporo-shi, Madelaine  in Ridgefield Park,   Angie, karenleahansen in Glendale, Bams Triwoko in Grogol, KG  in Bangalore, … For the weekday’s  posts: in Kolhapur, That Lazy Crazy Lady Hazy in Davao…  For last weekend’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece: ks3nia in Oslo,  Schelley – What Is It?!?in Tallahassee,  Renard Moreau in Arouca, oneanna65 in Chicago, galan12 in  Southampton, sophoxymoria in  Modesto,   Madelaine  in Ridgefield Park,   Cee Neuner in Woodburn, shazza91321 in Fair Oaks, mhdriver  in Azusa, Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua in Managua, randomlyabstract  in Islamabad, , Angie in  Bangkok, bambangpriantono in  Tangerang,  mrscarmichael in London, Judy @ GrandparentsPlus2 in Portland, The Lint In My Pocket, Vladimir Brezina in New York City, unexpectedincommonhours, Bams Triwoko in Grogol, mflahertyphoto in Portland … For my semi-pseudonymous blog post for the weekly photo challenge: fresh: nikitavdv, Cee Neuner in Woodburn,  Sawa Minori  , Renard Moreau in Arouca , poetreecreations on  Brewsters Rd, Lara, Hamburg und Mee(h)r in Hamburg, Salaam in northcountytutoringcenter, Amy, Naomi Baltuck, Exquisite Gift Baskets, seedbud  in rural northern New England, holley4734, Charlotte Hoather, mrscarmichael n London, spannerr in England, mithriluna, Jean in St. Paul, sustainabilitea, paisleypedlar, RedneckRosarian in Birmingham… for the weekly photo challenge: masterpiece in my semi-pseudonymous blog: Love 2 Type in Cebu, Leanne Cole, mingophoto, Hamburg und Mee(h)r in Hamburg, yarnwuseleien, Judy @ GrandparentsPlus2 in New England, Angie, mrscarmichael in London, Vladimir Brezina in New York City, Cee Neuner in Canby, galan12, Madelaine, Bams Triwoko in Jogjakarta, The Rider in South Africa, The Palladian Traveler in Vicenza, holley4734, natalyarol …



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