across the high seas, thanks to WordPress “likers”

“As if the Sea should part

 And show a further Sea —

 And that — a further — and the Three

 But a presumption be —


“Of Periods of Seas —

  Unvisited of Shores —

 Themselves the Verge of Seas to be —

 Eternity — is Those – “

–          Emily Dickinson

Thank you to WordPress “likers” across the high seas for the post for the weekly photo challenge: foreshadow  in my semi-pseudonymous blog  (you may click their avatars and public profiles embedded in that page) : mintedmoose in Tamworth, ks3nia in Amsterdam, Rajat Chauhan in Ahmedabad-Gujarat, Ese’ s Voice in Riga, frizztext, simonbowler, galan12, The Weddington Adventures in Sharpsburg, Otrazhenie, Leanne Cole, Craig Strachan in Berlin, Vladimir Brezina in New York City, 4rozebds, mrscarmichael  in  London, Cee Neuner in  Woodburn, Bams Triwoko  in Jogjakarta, Madelaine, holley4734, Connie Hanks in Southern California … in addition to yesterday’s, for this blog: Connie Hanks  in San Diego, mrscarmichael  in  London, cynthiamc1  in Orlando, westseventhfreelance  in Webster, Cee Neuner Woodburn, poetreecreations  Mansfield, Brock …


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