You can ring church bells here today at 1pm

Church bells peal at 1pm today — you can make your own church bells ring today for all who pay taxes that are squandered by this government to pay off politicians under the pork barrel system: 

     This post has loud,  real, recorded live, multiple church bells ringing for more than  six minutes — you can jam with the church-bell-ringing today, just click the video below (the video recorder was only a meter away from the church bells — i hope the videographer got out of the belfry before the bells pealed): These bells toll for you. (click at 11 seconds before 1pm, the video takes 11 seconds to upload)

(after the 6-minute video plays out, you can click the rewind icon at the left-hand corner of the video to continue jamming with the 30-minute church-bell-ringing outside)

(Oxford University Church Bells, uploaded by Simon Bond, used here for non-commercial purposes.)

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