Lawyers based in UP Diliman & Tacloban to sponsor 1 gen set to light 1 barangay in Tacloban, pls join us

Lawyers based in UP Diliman & Tacloban are sponsoring one generator set to light one barangay in Tacloban: please join us

From Atty. Owens Disini: (Background of this FB message: Atty. Patrick V. Santo lost his father, Atty. Papiano Santo, in the aftermath of super-typhoon Yolanda. Atty. Patrick V. Santo and Atty. Torks Buban hail from Tacloban and are well-known private practitioners . Atty. Owens Disini is the chief legal officer of U.P. Open University, Atty. Ana Bernad is the deputy general counsel for corporate affairs of U.P.. We’re doing this in our private capacity as friends of Atty. Patrick  Santo.   Here we are when we were with the U.P. Diliman Legal Office:     


Here’s the FB message from Atty. Owens Disini) “Dear classmates, Patrick Santo wants to thank everyone for the kind words and condolences he received for his Tatay Paping. He texted me today his account number in Tacloban. For those who wish to send their “abuloy”, it is BPI, J. Romuladez – Tacloban City Branch, Savings Account No. 1126-0191-33. However, an alternative that he suggested is for us to contribute to buy a generator set that he can use and share with his ka-baranggay. Patrick said he just needs the most basic and standard generator (maybe at least 2 hours). He said we can give it to Torks (Atty. Torks Buban) who may have a way of bringing it to Tacloban. So far, I have collected Php23,000 from Eddie V., Lindy and from me & JJ. I need your suggestions on this, please. Thanks.”

        Please join us.  

      Mommy (Lydia C. Lambino, Los Angeles, California) sent her support with condolences and encouragement today , c/o Atty. Ana Bernad (i dropped by the 3rd floor office).

     Please join us in lighting one barangay in Tacloban with  one generator set. Thanks. 

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