Preventing patients’ deaths in makeshift hospital wards Eastern Visayas #YolandaPH

Email from Myra, published with permission: 

“My sympathies to Patrick  and his family. I  met Patrick, Owens and Ana in your office when i was in the Philippines. The generator is a big help to the residents of that Barangay in Tacloban.  In 2012 our hospital donated eight old pulse oximeter machines that we used for our medical  mission in 2012….

     (blog admin’s note: i googled pulse oximeter: it  measures whether your body is absorbing oxygen properly; and  not below 95% saturation; when a patient starts losing oxygen, the doctor has less than three minutes to prevent brain damage, heart failure, death; the device is useful for patients under intensive care, emergency treatment, surgery, recovery, etc. and sets the universal standard for patient care. )  

From Myra again  (continuation of letter): ”In the 2012 medical mission, I emailed our hospital CEO and President (same person) and we donated the eight pulse oximeters to the Philippine Minnesotan Medical Association (PMMA) medical mission. We performed about 80 ENT/OB-Gyne surgeries and 63 pediatric plastic surgeries, and diagnosed and treated thousands of medical cases.

  “ I’m writing  our hospital CEO again to ask if our hospital can donate again the  pulse oximeter machines we are not using anymore.  Although I won’t be able to join the medical mission , hopefully I would be able to get these machines. The medical mission in January 2014 will be in Catarman and another province in the Visayas region.

“I’ll keep in touch.


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