The Jan. 9 Bahay Pangarap Meeting: The Napeñas Testimony

The Jan. 9 Bahay Pangarap Meeting: The Napeñas Testimony

         “On January 9, 2015, we, the President, PNP Chief Purisima, and I met in Bahay Pangarap xxx and Operation Exodus was finalized …” – former SAF chief Napeñas.

            i hate to say this but because Operation Wolverine/ Operation Terminator/ Operation Exodus (to capture international terrorist Marwan dead or alive) was a covert operation, and the President chose to head or oversee the operation, he had the prerogative of choosing the personnel, the means, the method, the weapons, the time, and the manner — as long as he was not breaking the law.

        That’s the caveat. As long as all his acts were lawful. (and he would account for them).

          He knew there would be a firefight in a rebel stronghold — but he hoped the strike would be surgical, he knew it would breach the ceasefire but he thought it would be excusable under “law-enforcement” processes of the government, he knew it was risky and dangerous but he hoped there would be less casualties as the Ceasefire Committee (“Coordinating Committee on the Cessation of Hostilities”) should be able to stop the firefight soon enough, he knew PNP Chief Alan Purisima was under preventive suspension, but he was the head of state, the Chief Executive (“cite me in contempt”, he’d say).

           They got Marwan alright (congratulations), but he miscalculated — in many ways in many different levels with 44 SAF forces to show for it.

           What was unforgiveable was the refusal to account for it. And so, a hundred investigating bodies bloomed.

        (the Palace advisers surrounding him are too keen on the 2016 elections and the fortunes of their political party)

          Instead of learning from the miscalculations for future operations, he is expending precious resources on mitigating the cost of his miscalculations.

        Bite the bullet — and leave a legacy of courage and accountability.

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  1. Media Monitor for this week: Comm 110

    The GMA news report about Marwan’s allies allegedly expanding their network in Mindanao, which can be found in the link is, in my opinion, is inaptly titled. The word “wards” used in the headline is misleading—the author could have just simply used the term “allies”, which is more commonly used. In addition to this, there is little background to the supposed “wards” that are expanding networks in Mindanao—the rest of the article focuses on the misencounter and opens a new topic altogether (about the terrorism plot during the Pope’s visit), which is separated using a subheading. Since the online news articles on the issue in Mamasapano do not in general contribute anything new or provide a new angle or point of view to the issue (aside from the POV’s of those who have been established as directly involved in the issue) save for this one, it would have been much better if the title was centered on that new angle.

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