“My Prerogative”

     This song, “My Prerogative”,

(original by Britney Spears, reinterpreted here by the millennial kids in Glee), is dedicated to the President (PNoy), but unlike Britney Spears, with the exercise of prerogative comes the duty to account by the executive — 

       in an earlier post, this site pointed out that the President had the prerogative of choosing the means, method, men and women to implement the “law-enforcement” operation, Oplan Exodus (formerly Oplan Wolverine) (“service of a warrant of arrest on Marwan) as Chief Executive BUT HE SHOULD OWN UP TO ITS CONSEQUENCES.
        Apparently, after the BOI report came out, the President’s Cabinet members (the DOJ Secretary, the Palace spokerpersons, et al) are using this line – well, half of this line: that it was the President’s prerogative as Chief Executive to mobilize any of his subordinates for the special operation.
         It’s half of the principle: IF THE PRESIDENT IS TO INVOKE HIS PREROGATIVE, HE SHOULD BE PREPARED TO FACE THE CONSEQUENCES OF EXERCISING THAT PREROGATIVE, i.e., be prepared to face the public whatever the consequences are.
        The President has shirked: it’s Napeñas, Napeñas,Napeñas (repeat 3X until you have a song).
        You can’t have your cake and eat your bibingka too.
       (presidential sister Kris Aquino, in answering why she was not running for public office in 2016, disclosed on TV that the family was preparing for a slew of lawsuits against PNoy after his term — You don’t have a good legal team if you think you have criminal liability when you greenlighted this operation — sa tingin mo ba, illegal ginawa mo).

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