For this week’s photo challenge, WordPress suggested to use the app mesh or to submit feedback on the app mesh. i signed in for mesh using WordPress, it required me to authorize it to be able to do the following (quoted and copied from mesh): “View and manage posts including reblogs and likes.xxxView and manage a post’s comments.xxxView and manage a site’s tags and categories.xxxFollow and unfollow blogs.xxxView and manage a user’s notifications.” (from mesh).

i wasn’t sure i wanted to enable anyone else to manage my posts, tags, categories, comments on my site, or to view my email address and my commenters’s contact info, so i did not authorize it and did not proceed with my sign-in.

     Instead, i’m using the WordPress gallery app (slideshow).

     For viewers: This slideshow requires Acrobat to view…

For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was a Good Day at: 

Today Was a Good Day

Weatherstaff forecast a typhoon
Neighbor fished before the monsoon
Revved in mist to head out soon
Poured on the streets near noon
Whispering wishes onto the urban lagoon
Rain, indoors, tea, traipsing with trinkets and runes

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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