Thank God for Mommy’s successful surgery: Many thanks to Kaiser Hospital, to admin of U.S. health plan; to Myra, Teng, Jane, & everyone for their help & prayers

       One day there were clouds, the clouds became grey and dark, we had to wait for the perfect time and the perfect heart rate… and that day came, the perfect time.

       Thank God for Mommy’s successful phacoemulsification procedure — we woke up to sunbeams and rainbows the next day: Many, many thanks to the medical team and the medical staff of Kaiser Permanente Hospital California;  to policymakers and administrators of the U.S. health care plan; Myra, Teng, Jane, everyone who lent help, prayers, support. withMommy

      (Photo of Mommy taken with an iphone by Myra three hours after the procedure)

      (more than half of people over 65 years old have some form of natural protein build-up in their eyes called cataract. A patient in good health with this condition would be a good candidate for phacoemulsification, a 30-minute procedure, outpatient, with 3 hours downtime or bedtime at the hospital: a 1.4mm incision or the size of a pin-prick is made, a tiny ultrasound is administered to shatter the protein build-up, the protein bits are “suctioned” off by a tiny device – and the patient’s vision is dramatically improved).

      From Myra: Mommy did not feel any pain throughout the surgery, sipped her fruit juices in the hospital bed (with photos) and napped for three hours, went home and relaxed, was able to watch TV the next day. She has her follow-up today.
     Maraming salamat po sa lahat. Many, many thanks to everyone who took good care of Mommy and gave us the most competent, expert support and lent their loving, healing hands.

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