The ads in this site were placed solely by WordPress to defray its production cost

        The advertisements you may occasionally see at the foot of certain blog posts were chosen by WordPress to earn revenues to defray production cost for publishing this site in my domain name, which it hosts for a nominal fee. 2ad
The content of the ads are not graphic or violent or sexual, or horrific or sordid; nor exploit children, minorities, nor hurt animals, etc. ; and so I have not posed any objection to them (the ads are: campaign ads of a senatorial candidate; poster ad of an international brand of a camera; poster ad of an international brand of a facial skin cleanser; poster ad of an internet service provider; poster ad of an international brand of smartphone; etc. ) 1ad
But just as a full disclosure: I am not necessarily endorsing the candidate; i have not used any of the product except for the camera and the isp, but do not necessarily endorse any of these products; and I do not earn a single cent, centavo, or favor from these advertisements and products. 3ad
Also, the ads are visible to me only when I’m viewing the page from another internet service provider. In other words, I don’t see them except when i’m using another device not familiar to me, therefore not familiar to the WordPress app.
There. 4ad
(also, just for a complete disclosure: i use a transluscent almost transparent water-based highly water-soluble hypoallergenic facial skin cleanser, not any opaque white thick one; i’ve used three or four camera brands and am best satisfied with the first digicam i’ve ever used, the one given by Jane; i’ve used three different brands of mobile phones and am best satisfied with the latest one; i use three different isp’s depending on location and device and am best satisfied with the 4G LTE.). 5ad
i’m happy with the services of WordPress and will continue this contractual relationship.
Maraming salamat po! (Many thanks!)

comments are welcome anytime EXCEPT those with more than 12 links or 12 URLs pasted. Tnx)

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