Trivia on algorithm : YouTube ads app can read what you bought on your grocery-delivery app

Trivia on algorithm : The YouTube ads app can read what you bought on your grocery-delivery app.

   The ads on YouTube and other apps are based on items you bought using your mobile. 

    Nowadays you can buy your grocery items via mobile phone for a service fee of only P 40 pesos ($ 0.82 cents) and a delivery fee of P59 pesos ($1.22, one dollar and 22 cents). As always, as advised by Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN, you disinfect the surface of any item that comes into your house and observe all protocols on physical distancing. And this is safer than sending your staff who lives with you to go out there.  The infection is human-to-human transmission and unless you live in the North Pole by yourself, you’re bound to be in touching distance with someone who’s breathing out the virus — it could even be you. The delivery person will not even be inside a five-meter radius of your house  if  you arrange for it (pay digitally and ask for the grocery items to be put on a counter or box outside the house; if you don’t know how to pay digitally, try to learn it; if  you really cannot learn it, you can put the amount due in the same counter or box within your sight for the delivery staff to pick up),  just observe all safety and security protocols on distancing and disinfecting to make this a safer practice. This way, your kasambahay (household staff) will not have to go to the grocery and expose himself/herself  to the virus , so you’re protecting each other. Studies reveal that 60% of infections are home transmissions (let’s not  say we don’t know how a home-bound family member got infected, it’s 60% inside the house according to the big data )

     The other week, the delivery app was used for detergent, Vitamin C with calcium and zinc, and ten other products. So today, milk products and moisturizer brands are appearing in the YouTube vids here. 

    For milk, usually : vegan organic unsweetened milk (for  the coffee to make a vegan latte). If that’s not available, i just go down the line na lang huhuhu 💃, like: vegan organic sweetened, if none,  then, vegan only, if none,  then, organic non-fat, if none, then organic full cream, if none, then, full cream sterilized … if none, then, full cream real milk 🍶☕🍵… the advantage of  not  having any food restrictions,  all these are by choice, when i’m in your house i will be grateful for anything you serve and wolf  it down and say many thank you’s and clear the dishes for you even if you have a staff because that’s how we were raised by our parents. For the moisturizer, preferably cruelty-free and hypoallergenic, or products made by companies that do not use animal-testing and that  have no allergens (and still look at the label for the components / ingredients to settle for the brand). If the preferred brand is not available, i can use any moisturizer, even those priced at P100 or two dollars a tube  as long as they don’t have tretinoin — allergic to that. So what i got via grocery delivery app with nine other items is a cruelty-free “fruit-based” pudding moisturizer — pero hindi po siya kinakain ( but non-edible as far as i can see), for a low-maintenance, grainy skin, ngiiieh.

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