For @CNNPhilippines @SerbisyoAccess Suggested Readings here

For CNN Philippines Serbisyo All Access show, episode on “Paninirang-Puri” or defamation, April 19, 2016, 10am-11am: May we suggest that the hosts read up on jurisprudence on the following: 1) Privileged Communication; 2) the Public Figure Doctrine; 3) the Fair Comment rule – (these are also compiled in any media law book); para po maiwasan ang pagpapalaganap ng maling legal principles ukol sa media law (in order to avoid disseminating erroneous legal principles on media law). Sana po ay maiwasto nyo ang mga maling legal principles na pinalaganap ng inyong show (it is hoped that the hosts will correct the erroneous legal principles disseminated by the show) Salamat po.

comments are welcome anytime EXCEPT those with more than 12 links or 12 URLs pasted. Tnx)

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