image #universityofthephilippines #UPDiliman The 10th Media Monitor can be posted here, deadline Apr27 12noon

The tenth media monitor (or any bonus not yet submitted) can be posted here with deadline on Wednesday April 27, 2016 at 12 noon. 


  1. Bonus Media Monitor

    ABS CBN Misquotes Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s statement regarding on the issue of China Coast Guard

    ABS CBN live tweeted during the 3rd Presidential Debate a statement from Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on his stand on the issue of the China Coast Guard. In the tweet, it mentions, “But if they don’t agree, I will go to the nearest border, wave the PH flag, and fire at them.” CNN Philippines, a few seconds later, tweeted almost the exact tweet, although, with a different ending. “I will ask to be brought to the nearest border and plant a flag there. I will say “this is ours”.”

    If you watch videos or if you watched the presidential debate live, you can see that, though it may sound like Duterte may have said that, the Mayor never actually said anything about firing at the nearest border. Instead, he said what CNN Philippines tweeted. Quickly after this was tweeted, netizens were quick to show their dismay online, saying that (on the ABS CBN tweet), that the Davao City Mayor never said anything like that, and ABS CBN was inventing things.

    With all the criticism, ABS CBN apologized for misquoting Duterte, saying “We mistakenly quoted Duterte, saying he will “fire at them”, referring to the Chinese Coast Guard incursion in W. PH Sea.” According to the SPJ Code of Ethics, it mentions “Acknowledge mistakes and correct them promptly and prominently.” ABS CBN managed to respond quickly to the mistake and apologized though they still didn’t fix their mistake, which was to properly quote Duterte.

  2. 7th bonus
    2012 78 409

    Alleged leaked debate questions to Mar Roxas

    The video linked above went viral on Facebook after the presidential debate on Sunday, April 24. It shows “proof” that debate questions were leaked to Mar Roxas by showing that the ticker on the lower part of the screen stated in advance what Roxas was just about to say. This video gained popularity among netizens, deeming it as a truth when in fact, the video was manipulated in such a way that it would seem like the ticker preceded Roxas’ statement (roxas actually mentioned the same statement twice, once before the ticker was created and the other just milliseconds after the ticker) .This is problematic because it is very misleading. also, the fact that many people viewed and shared the video makes it more “harmful” since people kept of spreading false and manipulated information. It is clearly a propaganda move by some people of political interest.

  3. 7th Bonus Post
    Comm 110

    In the article, “Who won 3rd presidential debate? Duterte again netizens’ choice”, published by Rappler right after the third and last presidential debate, the author claims that Duterte leads in all of the three presidential debate polls conducted by Rappler.Duterte got a whopping 65.74% of the votes of netizens, followed by Manuel Roxas with 18.03%, Miriam Defensor Santiago with 11.83%, Grace Poe with 3.72%, and Binay with only 0.67%.

    The poll question was, “If the the elections were held today, who would you vote for as president?” In my opinion, this news story about the debate is quationable and invalid. First, it is very important to disclose the exact number of people who actually participated in the survey. It becomes a big issue if only few were able to answer the poll. Also, claiming that majority of the “netizens” vote for Duterte is again doubtful.Thus, Rappler should not imply that their respondents are representative of the netizens.

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