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My Election Canvass Playlist Now playing…

but before that, here’s what to expect at 2pm today when Congress as National Board of Canvassers meet today (procedure):

1.The Joint Committee (JC)  shall canvass, in the order they
were received, all: (a) electronically transmitted Certificates of Canvass (CoCs) and (b) the manually counted and physically
delivered CoCs not electronically transmitted.

2.The JC shall generate and print a copy of the electronically transmitted CoC.

3. The JC shall compare the printed copy of the electronically transmitted CoC
with the printed copy of the CoC physically delivered by the Provincial BOCs
(PBOCs), City BOCs (CBOCs) and District BOCs (DBOCs).

4.JC shall ascertain that the number of votes cast for each candidate (pres and VP) in the electronic CoC and print CoC are identical.

5.The JC shall check the signatures and thumbmarks; all the names of the candidates; the votes in figures; and that the electronic and print (physically delivered) are identical. 

6.In case of discrepancy, the BoCs would be required to appear.

7.JC members can give statements or observations on the CoCs.

8.The JC shall then canvass (or count and tabulate/record) the uncontested CoCs.

9.Then, it shall resolve all contested CoCs by majority vote.

10.Lawyers of contending candidates may speak, one registered attorney for every candidate may argue before the Joint Committee for not more
than three (3) minutes etc.

11.The JC will prepare a report and present it to Congress as NBOC.

12.The report shall be adopted by resolution by Congress, which shall then proclaim the President-elect and VP-elect. 

To summarize: The job of Congress as NBOC is to determine authenticity and due execution of the CoCs, then, to count and tabulate. As can be expected, when the JC starts determining authenticity and due execution, the parties, represented either by their congressmen or senators, or their lawyers will dispute the due execution by raising “irregularities”, “anomalies”, etc etc.. Every candidate has the right to do so;  those who contest the authenticity or execution of a CoC have the right to be heard.

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