“Budyong”: The University calls out #UniversityofthePhilippines #UPDiliman

Photo by the Philippine Collegian shot last Friday, used here non-commercially for academic purposes. 

     At the center of the Oblation Plaza of the University of the Philippines Diliman this Christmas season, wrapped around the Oblation and with miniatures hanging on bamboo-like stilts (see photo and video below) is a multi-dimensional art installation depicting the “budyong”, created  by Toym Imao. 

     The “budyong” is the pre-colonial bugle made of a conch shell used by the original inhabitants of these islands to call out to the entire community. 

     Here it is:

     Budyong: The University calls out …    


        From the U.P. Diliman website, excerpted: “The centerpiece xxx is the  “Budyong” by noted sculptor and painter Toym Imao. Imao earned an architecture degree from UPD and an MA Sculpture from the Maryland Institute of Fine Arts.
“xxx (T)he Oblation (is) surrounded by lantern elements that take the shape of a conch shell or a “budyong” that is used as a horn, an instrument that dates back to the pre-colonial era.

“The sound of the “budyong” heralds the approach of visitors, signals the start of festivities, or calls a community to a gathering. In times of imminent danger, the “budyong” sounds the alarm to take cover from calamities or rally the army to engage an enemy on the battlefield.”

(video below shot and uploaded by Local Dispatches Ph)

(music by Edge Uyanguren feat. Roselle Pineda and Karl Ramirez)

    all used here non-commercially for academic purposes

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