NXT class 4th Media Monitor here (4th Bonus is on “fake news”)

NEXT class 4th Media Monitor here

(the 4th Bonus is on “fake news”)


     (ADVANCE NOTICE for all ethics students: Bonus points of 10-15pts in the form of an additional bonus portion of the first exam will be given (that is, based on the score the examinee gets) this week, in consideration of the difficulty of the first exam. This will be administered only once, and for 30 minutes of class time only. Please be prompt. Tnx. -marichu)

The 4th Media Monitor of the NEXT class can be posted here, either regular or bonus but not both, with deadline on Wednesday.
       Bonuses that have not yet been posted by a student can be submitted this week or in the succeeding weeks provided only one post per week would be credited.
       The 4th bonus is on “fake news” (any falsehood/ lie/ fabrication presented as news or as information) disseminated from January 19, 2017 (first day of classes) to April 25, 2017 (the last media monitor post), as follows: A student may describe any fake news item he or she has encountered, or read, or chanced upon in any media (newsprint, online, television, radio, etc.), stating also what outlet or site disseminated the fake news but without embedding the link, and commenting on it, with an explanation of:
1) how the student received or encountered or retrieved the fake news (either as FB news feeds or a shared post or a tweet or a re-tweet, a group email or individual email, a text message, etc.);
2) how he/she knew or determined it was fake news using the provisions taken up in class (cite and quote); and
3)what the student did, or did not do, about it.
(For the full bonus points, items 1-3 must be included in the commentary. )
          In the alternative, a student may also comment on any falsity or inaccuracy presented as fact by a public official or a news subject, and reported as news by a media organization without simultaneous fact-checking in the same news report, by that media organization. (do not use those i already used in the exams).
      Students are not allowed to copy each other’s work: Any material on fake news used here for commentary by a student may no longer be used by another student.
      The deadline of the 4th media monitor is on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 (as stated, any bonus not yet posted by a student can be submitted this week or in the succeeding weeks, provided only one post per week is allowed: no cramming 🙂 ).
           Happy catching!

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