image 5th Media Monitor (regular or any of the 1st- 6th Bonus)

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The 5th Media Monitor (regular or any of the 1st – 6th Bonus) here

    The 5th Media Monitor — regular or any bonus not yet submitted (whether 1st/ 2nd/ 3rd/ 4th/ 5th/ 6th ) —  can be posted here.

     The deadline of the 5th media monitor is on  Tuesday, Oct. 17 at 5pm.

    Any late media monitor post will no longer be considered as the 5th but will be credited to the next week.

    The 6th bonus is a review of any news report or news feature on surveys / opinion polls/ polling published or aired or disseminated between August 16, 2017 and the last day of media montor, November 27, 2017 (including those that purport to take the public pulse but are not scientific) using the standards taken up in class (exclude those already discussed in class).         

     Class members who did not fare well in the exams are advised take advantage of the bonus posts to earn points (but hopefully, on their own, can also appreciate the usefulness of evaluating media content).

      Happy weekend everyone!




  1. [5th Bonus Media Monitor]
    2014 – 89397

    The fake news I encountered, “BAM AQUINO: ”LEFTOVERS” or TIRA TIRA? AKA Senate Bill No. 357, or the Zero Food Waste Act,” came from a blogsite which posts news articles. Already been victimized by fake news a year ago, the blogsite propagates the wrong beliefs regarding what the bill truly states. It blatantly tells that bill intends to mandate restaurants and other food establishments to give excess food to the poor, which is not really the case.
    “Take responsibility for the accuracy of their work. Verify information before releasing it. Use original sources whenever possible.” Besides the fact that the issue has been tackled for over almost a year already, I found the article to be fake because it did not present any direct quotes from the bill itself for the readers to believe it. Moreover, it trying to present “facts” which are completely deviant from what the bill proposes makes the news completely fake.
    Since the undeserved phenomenal attack of fake news to the bill, I assume that many have been more knowledgeable regarding the bill, as compared to a year ago. However, I still tweeted about the basic facts regarding the bill, so as to give more reminder in the Twitter community. That, the mandate is not for restaurants and other food establishments to give leftover food to the poor in the country, but rather, by giving unserved food (e.g. canned goods, uncooked rice, etc.).

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