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Law on Mass Media & Communication Updated bonus exercise (but don’t post here)

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1.A group of UP students and faculty members issued a statement today calling for the banning of the Marcoses (Imee Marcos, Bongbong Marcos, Imelda Marcos) and groups associated with them, from using any UP facility. Does this violate any constitutional right of the Marcoses? Does it violate their right to free speech and freedom of assembly? Why or why not? Explain (Or: Specifically, as outsiders, if they are not allowed to use any UP facility, would such a “ban” be an unconstitutional restraint on their right to free speech? )
2.Would the ban be a form of discrimination that constitutes a violation of the Constitution, specifically the right to “equal protection of the law” clause? (Or: Specifically: Would the “ban” be a form of discrimination against a class of persons based on their political beliefs, as to be unconstitutional? ) Why or why not? Explain.
3. Or : Would the “ban” be simply an action similar to declaring a certain individual, or certain individuals, persona non grata, resulting in barring said person ,or persons, from entering a specific locality — legally and lawfully practised by local governments? Explain (explain by using a modicum of research).

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