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Weekly Photo Challenge: Patterns

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Patterns of the World


at the Museum of Modern Art,

New York

Photo by Myra Lambino

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Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

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Here’s the sample for this week’s photo challenge from WordPress, photo by Sara Rosso: photobySaraRosso

Such perfect timing!

    i started to practise my food plating photography this week!

     Here’s my first ever food plate photo, shot perpendicularly or at a 90-degree-angle from the plate, for the weekly photo challenge, plus…

     …to start a new “genre”, the blog will be including the creator of the food plate (presumably, also the chef) — wouldn’t you want a photo of the chef or the cook with the food photograph?

   Here’s to a new “genre”:

      My Food Plating Photography 101… with the creator-chef
1fromabove…and the chef, meditatively plating my breakfast last Monday (let’s start a new “genre” by including a photo of the creator of the food plate)


hope you like the new “genre”: food plate and the chef. Happy weekend!