#Dengvaxia fiasco: How to solve the legal problem

Happening now: Congressional investigation on the Dengvaxia fiasco

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               The Dengvaxia fiasco:

        How to solve the legal problem
        1.The government should settle the 800,000 who were vaccinated (recompense and quitclaim) and continue intense health and medical monitoring of the children, then

       2.sue Sanofi for breach and damages (breach for failure to disclose risks and relevant information), and set off what you spent to settle the 800,000 as claims against Sanofi.

     3.File criminal cases against government officials responsible for it.
       Tapós! (then you’re done) (of course, the litigation would take more than 10 years but you put a rest to it with the filing of cases against Sanofi, settling the 800,000,  indicting government officials responsible. Tapós!)
       Any lawyer with any kind of problem-solving skills can point the way: compensate and settle; sue Sanofi; indict government officials responsible for it. Solve the legal problem. The government lawyers handling this case publicly are not trying to solve the legal problem.

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The World’s First Dengue Vaccine (but for the heretofore undisclosed risks) ( #Xmas2017 #NowPlaying #2 #Playlist )

if on mobile device: Pls click “Listen in browser” on the soundcloud pod below to play the theme song… video follows (scroll down) of the world launch of what would have been the world’s first dengue vaccine (but for the heretofore undisclosed risk that those vaccinated, if not exposed to the dengue virus before, would be more prone to a more severe strain of dengue and other diseases; 700,000 mostly Filipino children were vaccinated courtesy of the Philippine government and pharmaceutical giant Sanofi Pasteur )…

Christmas 2017

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