“… like a sleepy blue ocean…”

A scene from “Okja” (2017), a critically acclaimed movie and a finalist at the Cannes Film Festival.        In a highly futuristic scenario, Okja is a genetically modified pig who became the pet of the caretaker's daughter, a little girl. The company that created him retrieved him to be used as an exhibit [...]

MMFF Metro Manila Film Fest 2012 Thy Womb

Filipino screenplay excerpts or movie lines are not documented online, unlike Hollywood movies. This is what's available: happy reading and viewing: Thy Womb by Brillante Mendoza, screenplay by Henry Burgos  From http://www.cine-vue.com/2012/09/venice-film-festival-2012-thy-womb.html “Venice Film Festival 2012: 'Thy Womb' review ★★★★☆ “xxx Thy Womb (Sinapupunan, 2012) tells the story of a midwife, Shaleha (Nora Aunor), who [...]