At the moment: Gravity XI

At the moment, android-shot two seconds ago: Gravity XI


#atm Gravity & Velocity III. Shot in sequence 10 mins ago

(if on mobile device: To hear the free streaming music embedded for this post, pls click "Listen in browser" on the soundcloud pod below, then click the play button. Happy viewing and listening!) at the moment ... Android-shot in sequence 10 minutes ago. Gravity and velocity III

Gravity and Velocity

      Gravity and Velocity android-shot today (J, age: 12, honor student, saxophonist, hip-hop dancer/choreographer, Outstanding Service Awardee as student government vice president,  swimmer, runs with Argo and loves his Grandma's vegetable stew, picked up the yoyo on the day i arrived (for some reason), learned various yoyo spins and adjusting the ball and [...]