#MaguindanaoMassacreVerdict #MaguindanaoMassacre Promulgation: What to expect procedurally; posted at8:58am

#MaguindanaoMassacreVerdict #MaguindanaoMassacre Promulgation: What to expect procedurally ; posted at 8:58am                 

          Accused might move to waive reading and move to proceed straight to reading of the dispositive portion; prosecution might object; depending on how well the parties argue, the judge may or may not grant waiver of reading.

     If waiver of reading is granted, the reading of the dispositive portion will take less than ten minutes. If waiver of reading not granted, the reading will take as long as the amount of time it takes to read it out —– i’m guessing, based on the number of accused and the amount of evidence: hours.

     For journalists: If reading is waived: Get your digital devices ready in order to be able to jpeg the entire file copy and upload it online as soon as you can.

     If guilty verdict: The Court normally will remand the accused to be detained at the NBP; the accused might beat the judge to the draw and before remand might manifest  intention to appeal and  move that the accused be remanded to the same detention cell in Camp Bagong Diwa or the hospital. If accused makes such a motion, the prosecution will object.

    Accused might also ask for sentences to run concurrently instead of consecutively with time served (time in detention considered as service of sentence), for shorter service. Prosecution will object.

    If found guilty of a less offense: Same manifestations.

     If not guilty: Accused will be processed for release.

     For a guilty verdict, the quantum of evidence is “beyond reasonable doubt” : in ordinary sense, it means : the evidence leaves no room for doubt.

      (The Maguindanao Massacre is the murder of 58 people including 32 media reporters, two young female lawyers, and passersby.)