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(half-lines in the half-sun) 

The opalescent orange disc
scrolling the timeless width
is like the iridescent optics
initializing my hyperlinks
bursting the rays and flecks
of his brown restive irises
scrolling the shimmer of skin
of my
perfect time
now tangerine
before curtaining
for four billion years
and four billion bytes
opalescent will burn
for four billion turns
before combusting
and dismembering.
all data, domain, design
reconstructible and retrievable
but terminably inconsequential
and definitely,
     finitely abysmal.   

                              -a reworked version of earlier lines
                                 written after a run facing the half-sun 

∞   ∞    ∞       ∞   ∞    ∞   ∞   ∞    ∞  

From WordPress : “Share a photograph inspired by a favorite poem, verse, story, or song lyric.” at:


(blog admin’s note: Wordpress used Yeats; i’ve used Yeats here countless, including the particular  Wordpress Yeats verse.  This post is half-in-reverse of WordPress: it is not my favorite verse because it is my own half-texts and nothing like the way the sun dances — i’m taking silly chances)