Limited telecommunication blackout: site of the “Feast of the Black Nazarene”

Limited  telecommunication blackout: site of the “Feast of the Black Nazarene”

Due to credible intel on a terror plot, according to Malacañang (the group is unnamed and the threat is unspecified by the Palace) at the “Feast of the Black Nazarene”, all telecommunication signals of mobile phones at the site of the procession (from Quirino Grandstand to Quiapo church and environs) are disabled today (cellphones are used to detonate most improvised bombs). The mammoth crowd, starting at 600,000 in the morning and expected to rise to 7 million, is a security  nightmare by itself.  The number is about the size of a successful, small urban revolt, but they’re gathered in piety,  not in protest – they just want to touch the statue of the Black Nazarene (or its replica),  or wipe their hankie on the image,  or touch the rope pulling the carriage. As of this writing, a hundred have been injured due to the stampede and in the past, a number have been crushed to death by the shoving and pushing.

Blog admin is not writing about the legal issues of the “no-signal” area (limited in site and time).


      Okay, blog admin will say a little bit about it — the telecom blackout,  being limited in site (two or three kilometers’  radius) and time (a day)  is contained enough so as not to affect any kind of mass medium. You could raise due-process issues – but by the time you raise them, the case is moot – of course, that should not stop you… i’m blabbering.

    Just the same, everybody should be vigilant everytime Malacañang  thru the NTC shuts down forms of communication.  

      Because…. If my students are not able  update their Facebook status….or  tweet their followers…. even for a single day… you’ll have a sudden revolution in your hands. 

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