Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

                     Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

From WordPress: “For this special mid-week photo challenge, we want to see portraits of you doing something that inspires you to blog…” (underscoring supplied)

   In other words, this WordPress photo challenge is asking for a picture of the Wordpress-user, preferably an action shot that answers what WordPress wants to know: What (i.e., what activity) is your Muse? i was originally going to use photos from files, i have hundreds… That took a long time, choosing and deciding and second-guessing. Then i finally decided — Here it is, this was shot two days ago, i had intended to use it  for November 30, Philippine National Heroes Day and birth anniversary of Philippine hero Andres Bonifacio. It’s a 21st century variation of an ancient yoga pose called vira, which is Sanskrit for “hero”. But i saw the WordPress prompt. And i was inspired. i produced this while watching how the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas was successfully brokered by Egypt (see post below a couple of hours ago). And i am inspired. 

Blogging is like a yoga pose.

You inhale to live

You exhale to surge.


Thank you — to WordPress users-“likers” (pls click their avatars and public profiles below) Leanne Cole, Les Petis Pas Juls,  rarasur, Sofie’s Diary, kz, lifeoutofthebox, bookquoteshub, skinnywench, Tilly Bud – the Laughing Housewife, yarnwuseleien.wordpress.com, Busanee Dominguez, Esenga’s Voice, Fotomatico, The Ranting Chef, frizztext, flickrcomments.wordpress.com, Cee Neuner, The Accidental Kansan, Chittle Chattle, Mirth and Motivation …

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