Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in my Life

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 a post for the weekly photo challenge. (i tweaked it. hope you like it.) 

   “A Day in My Life by Argo, the rescued pup” 


          The cage opened.

          Two small, soft human hands scooped me up and held me up with a laugh that sounded like clinking small bottles. He smelled of peanut butter jelly, milk skin and baby soap and never let go, tickling my neck and ears. A breath of fresh air, then two big, firmer human hands held me up in the light; big round brown eyes looked up my ears, paws, coat, tummy… don’t bring me back in that old place long ago it was cramped, crowded, hot, packed. Dry, dying.

       The big human hands carried me away and I could hear more human voices.

      The small human hands that smelled of peanut butter took me again and cradled me in the crook of his arm. The big human held his other hand and they walked. We all went inside a rumbling engine machine and rolled out. Endlessly. When we finally stopped, i opened my eyes to a stone path, grass, sunshine-colored walls that smelled of pine wood.


        He rested me in his lap and somewhere I could smell human food. i licked some milky water and tasty, crackling cereals.

       We went for a walk, then a run, it’s the first day of the rest of my life with the little human who smelled of peanut butter jelly, my first outdoor trot, and the rustle of leaves and falling flowers followed us everywhere.

        xxx xxx

This was culled from today’s  shoutout  and photos from Myra: “This is “Argo”.  We named him, inspired by the movie Argo.  Argo is an 8-month old,  male, red, purebred dachshund puppy we adopted last Palm Sunday from a dog rescue center in _ _ _ _ _ _, CA 100 miles from Los Angeles. He is one of three siblings rescued from a breeder because of unfit breeding facilities (overcrowding). It’s a lot of work house-training him, but he is adjusting well to his new home. … A puppy is J’s wish for his ___ th birthday… and also for working hard in his _ _ _ _ _ project  and his _ _ _ _ _ _ _( talent scholarship) program… (next set of photos)  Argo and  J’s walk. He calls it peanut butter jelly time! … Happy Easter!   ” (all photos by Myra Lambino).


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