Rappler raised as good example by UP student

” ‘You wouldn’t like it when I’m angry…’ ” written by Mumster
     “ I think Rappler’s report on the peace talks deadlock between the Philippine government and the Moro International Liberation Front  (www.rappler.com/nation/special-coverage/peacetalks/31452-ph-milf-peace-talks-) covered both sides fairly. It made sure that both parties had their say in every issue that it raised about the delay on the peace pact.
      “Although when I first saw the title of the article (MILF on stalled talks: ‘Frustrated, angry’) I expected another “demonization” of our Muslim brothers and sisters, I was quite relieved when I found this wasn’t so. I know coming up with an attention-grabbing title for a news article is tricky. But I was glad Rappler clearly stated the context of the MILF leadership’s frustration and anger on the progress (or should I say lack of it?) of the peace talks.
      “Fair airing of the government and MILF’s accounts regarding the draft annexes for wealth and power-sharing and other related issues is a welcome change. For once, it didn’t seem like I was a reading a script of a telenovela where the government is the good guy and the rebels are the bad guys.”Posted by Mumster 

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